(2015 Autumn) Math 2111: Matrix Algebra and Applications

This course covers: systems of linear equations; vector spaces; linear transformations; matrix representation of linear transformations; linear operators, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; similarity invariants and canonical forms.

There are several problems to be solved for each week, except for the first week where we do some reviews on the preliminaries. The problems and solution are given in “Problems & Solutions”. After the tutorial sessions, I will provide some more detailed explanations based on the outcome.

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Work Sheets

Review Materials

Here is a summary of concepts and theorems with illustrative examples, written by Dr. PAN Liang during his earlier duty as the teaching assistant of this course: Tutorial notes for MATH 2111.

Xiaoyu Wei
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include high-order numerical methods for PDEs, integral equation methods and fast algorithms.