(2016 Spring) Math 2352: Differential Equations

This course covers: first order equations, second order equations, Laplace transform method, numerical solution of initial value problems, boundary-value problems.

There are several problems to be solved for each week. The problems are given in “Work Sheets”, and solutions “Answer Sheets”.

Basic Info

Work Sheets

  1. Complex Numbers & Separable Equations

  2. Linear First-Order Equations

  3. Second-Order Homogeneous ODEs

  4. Inhomogeneous ODEs

  5. The Laplace Transform

  6. Series Solutions

  7. Cauchy-Euler Equations

  8. Systems of Equations

  9. Normal Modes

  10. Fixed Points and Linear Stability

  11. Fourier Series


  1. In wk06_ans.pdf, at the last line of problem 2, the denominator of the coefficient of $x^2$ should be $120$ (instead of $240$).

  2. In wk07_ans.pdf, problem 3-b), the second $e$ in the final result should be instead $1$

  3. In wk08_ans.pdf, problem 2-b), the $2$ in $x_1(t)$ should be deleted (check the program above to see the correct answer). Similarly, in 3-a), there is a missing bracket in $x_1(t)$.


Special thanks to Mr. Yuqi Zhao for providing several solution sheets (those without attributes).

Xiaoyu Wei
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include high-order numerical methods for PDEs, integral equation methods and fast algorithms.