(2017 Spring) Math 2011 Introduction to Multivariable Calculus

Differentiation in several variables, with applications in approximation, maximum and minimum and geometry. Integration in several variables, vector analysis.

Here you can find tutorial materials and course related resources. Homework will be assigned through the online WeBWorK system located at https://webwork.math.ust.hk/webwork2/.

Basic Info

  • Course Name: Introduction to Multivariable Calculus
  • Lecturers: Prof. Tiezheng Qian
  • Sessions: T1A (Monday 16:30-17:20 at CYT G009B), T1B (Wednesday 12:00-12:50 at Room 4582)
  • Course Page: http://www.math.ust.hk/~maqian/ma2011_1617S.html
  • Semester: “2017-Spring

Please refer to the course page (follow the link above) for the course schedule and lecture notes.


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Tutorial Notes

Xiaoyu Wei
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include high-order numerical methods for PDEs, integral equation methods and fast algorithms.